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  • FWF | doc.funds.connect

    Doc.funds.connect grants fund joint doctoral training programs at universities and universities of applied sciences. The program facilitates cooperation between institutions, strengthens the research competence of universities of applied sciences, and offers doctoral students additional opportunities for career development.

    Deadline 5.3.2024, 14 h

  • FWF | doc.funds

    The program facilitates scientific or arts-based education and training for doctoral students in existing structured doctoral programs.

    Deadline 5.3.2024, 14 h

  • BMKÖS | Mira-Lobe-Stipendien für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur 2024

    Zur Förderung österreichischer Autor_innen in der Sparte Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, insbesondere zur Förderung des literarischen Nachwuchses, stellt die Literaturabteilung des BMKÖS sechs Stipendien bereit.

    Deadline 8.3.2024

  • PIE (Platform Internationalisation ELIA) | Annual Meeting 2024

    The PIE working group invites students, teachers, deans, directors, policymakers/advisors, heads of education departments and heads of internationalisation, Erasmus+ coordinators and anyone interested and dealing with internationalisation in higher art education and research from ELIA member institutions to co-create the programme and submit proposals on the theme of "the Paradox of Internationalisation".

    Call for Contributions 10.3.2024

  • FWF and NKFIH | International Principal Investigator Projects with Hungary 2024

    In cooperation with the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH), the FWF is inviting calls for funding for closely integrated project collaborations between researchers in Austria and Hungary.

    Deadline 11.3.2024, 14 h

  • Open Call of the Academy | Short term grants abroad

    The scholarship for a short-term stay abroad for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates supports stays abroad for e.g. research, field research, archival research, interviews, which are necessary for the dissertation or the Ph.D. project. Stays abroad are funded for a minimum of two to a maximum of eight weeks.

    Deadline 12.3.2024, 11 h

  • Forum+ for Research and Arts

    Forum+ is an international peer-reviewed journal for research in the arts. The journal publishes articles and visual essays that are the result of original research. The editors are also open to short contributions, such as artistic texts, interviews and contemplative essays.

    Call for Contributions 15.3.2024

  • artspace bremerhaven 2024

    The festival invites regional, national and international artists to perform in unusual places, to present their ideas and their art.

    Call for Contributions 15.3.2024

  • Academy | Graduate Conference 2024

    The Graduate Conference 2024 of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna takes place on April 30 this year. Doctoral candidates are invited to submit papers for the conference.

    Call for Contributions 19.3.2024, 11 h


    APART-GSK is a funding programme for excellent junior scholars in the humanities and the social and cultural sciences (GSK) in the first post-doc phase of their careers.
    The programme seeks to offer opportunities for extraordinary young researchers on the path to scholarly independence to acquire open-topic funding by themselves and with their own research ideas.

    Deadline 25.3.2024

  • BMKÖS | Startstipendium für Literatur 2024

    Zur Förderung junger österreichischer Autor_innen, die an ihrem ersten bzw. zweiten Buch arbeiten, stellt die Literaturabteilung des BMKÖS 15 Startstipendien für Literatur bereit. Eine Bewerbung ist bis zum noch nicht vollendeten 35. Lebensjahr möglich.

    Deadline 29.3.2024

  • European Investment Bank | Artists Development Programme

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute is pleased to announce the 2024 edition of its Artists Development Programme (ADP) in partnership with Cité internationale des arts (Paris) and Neumünster Abbey Heritage Site for Culture (Luxembourg).

    Deadline 31.3.2024

  • Rotary Club Tulln | Schiele Awards 2024

    The Schiele Award is an art prize that has been awarded every two years since 2022 and offers young artists a platform to present their work to a wider audience.

    Deadline 31.3.2024

  • BMKÖS | Startstipendium für Filmkunst 2024

    Die Startstipendien stellen eine Anerkennung und Förderung von Künstler_innen am Beginn ihrer beruflichen Laufbahn dar und unterstützen dabei, die künstlerische Entwicklung und Professionalisierung von Regisseur_innen bzw. Drehbuchautor_innen voranzutreiben und ihnen den Einstieg in Filmbranche und Kunstbetrieb zu erleichtern.

    Deadline 3.4.2024

  • OeAD | Ernst Mach Scholarship - Ukraine

    In 2024 the special scholarship programme Ernst Mach – Ukraine is extended for the new period with the purpose to further support Ukrainian students by completing their first academic degree in Austria. The application is open only to current scholarship holders of the grant.

    Deadline 7.4.2024

  • FWF | Top Citizen Science 2024

    This funding program is aimed at all researchers leading an FWF-funded project. The objective is to address citizens of different ages, genders, and social backgrounds as well as people with highly specialized knowledge and expertise (knowledge communities). Young target groups are expressly welcome.

    Deadline 8.4.2024, 14 h

  • OeAW | Chemical Monthly Fellowship (MOCHEM)

    The Chemical Monthly Fellowship (MoChem) supports completion of a doctoral thesis in the field of chemistry; it is especially aimed at doctoral candidates who require funding for conducting research abroad.

    Deadline 15.4.2024

  • OeAD | Circular Economy & Clean, Accessible and Secure Energy Supply

    The Southeast Asia - Europe Joint Call Project is open to consortia of at least 3 partners from 3 different countries.

    Deadline 15.4.2024, 12 h

  • KÖR and Infoscreen | 20 Seconds for Art

    The call is directed at artists, students of art, graphic art, film or architecture and city planning, as well as persons working in the sphere of art from Austria and abroad who are at least eighteen years old.

    Call for Contributions 15.4.2024, 14 h

  • FWF | Science Communication 2024

    Helping people understand and experience science, and more importantly, inspiring the next generation to get involved – that is the goal of science communication.

    Deadline 6.5.2024, 14 h